Forgive me but I’m still stuck in the territory of reviews –

I find I’ve just got to write something about what for me is the very new experience of reviews popping up unexpectedly, out of nowhere. One day I have twelve Amazon reviews – a few weeks later when I happen to look there are twenty two!

Let’s face it we all have a handful of friends and readers who might be willing to post on our behalf but this time, as it happens, I asked no one for an Amazon review, though early reviewers were kind enough to put one up.

Now something entirely different is happening – readers, people I don’t know, people from far away, are posting – like this from Jez

on 3 July 2017
If you love Tim Gautreax, Ron Rash, Daniel Woodrell, this book is up there with the best of them.
A little book with a huge heart! Aiyana’s spirit is unstoppable.


Honestly it brought tears to my eyes – A couple of lines is all it takes. ‘A little book with a huge heart,’ I love it! Thank you Jez and thank you to all those readers out there, on Goodreads too, on Instagram and Twitter, taking the time to tell othersĀ  about, Sometimes A River Song.

When readers tell the world that they loved your book, it’s the best feeling there is. There is nothing else like it…Thank you x