Hi – and all good wishes for 2018 – I am hoping to finish my new novel – The Astronomer’s House –  early this year and then to write more poetry – especially poems like the one  below about growing up by the sea…

How the Sea Can Save You


Photo by Seth Doyle – Unsplash


How the Sea Can Save You

Summer evening, a neap tide

seeps over the flood step

and into the kitchen.

We stand ankle deep

in its salty lick,

swallowing the day’s ruin.


Grabbing towels and swimsuits

we hurry to the sea wall, to

a tide lapping lambent, pearlised,

our very own swimming pool.


No kicking up the shallows , no inching in

instead we slip dreamlike to its hold,

at the pull of a rising sea

that is no portent of doom,

just the Channel filling

just the rise and fall of the moon,

and the rivers on the run,

running down, covering all.