Imagine – Ian Rankin and the case of the Disappearing Detective

Whatever you enjoy reading, whatever you write, last night’s Imagine was a fascinating portrait of a novelist at work. Ian Rankin writes a novel a year and if you missed last night’s programme but want to know what he goes through and  how he does it: how a novel emerges from the early ideas to the first drafts, and six months later to the final, completed manuscript watch again HERE. You won’t be disappointed.


  1. The greatest surprise I thought was his nice home and somewhat unexpected wife. I imagined that he dossed in a skip living off rattlesnake stew, screwing another Rebus out of his guts in between bloodied coughing fits after last night’s whiskey. Since it works for Ian I’m moving back indoors !!!

    • avril

      November 9, 2012 at 11:16 am

      And I’m getting a wife!

      • I’ve also looked into that. I have one on order from Brighthouse, same terms as their dodgy laptops and fifty inch screen televisions: twelve months interest free credit on the never-never delivered before Christmas. There’s a story there, but it would only interest Rebus if she came off the Brighthouse van already dead! Unless she needs to be charged up like a new phone? Mine is of the budget range, complete with a change of tracksuit and a month’s supply of chicken nuggets and oven chips. Dorris Lessing would make a good wife for you. This is so far off subject and completely weird. Rebus investigates a case where a man expecting to take delivery of a budget wife is confronted by a dead Dorris Lessing lookalike. Write that Rankin !!!

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