Aiming for 100 rejections a year seems like a crazy, self-destructive path for a writer. I mean really, if one rejection is enough to have us reaching for the tissues, that glass of red, or that piece of  Vennels coffee cake, then any more starts to look dangerous for the waistline and the heart

But wait, I see that it’s not as crazy as it sounds, here’s author, Kim Lao, after deciding to aim for 100 rejections a year – ‘Since I’ve started aiming for rejections, not acceptances, I no longer dread submitting. I don’t flinch (much) when I receive inevitable form rejection emails. Instead of tucking my story or essay apologetically into a bottle and desperately casting it out to sea, I launch determined air raids of submission grenades, five or ten at a time. I wait for the rejections, line up my next tier of journals, and submit again…

The great news is that in the writing life, there’s always something or someone new to get rejected by. In the towering waves of slush, be it high tide or low tide, my own modest submission is out there, like a tiny sailboat, bobbing afloat, perhaps bringing me closer to land.’  READ the whole of this inspiring piece HERE including the experiment that left ceramics students paralyzed by theorizing about perfection – now that is dangerous

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